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Nominated for Romantic Times' Best Temptation of the Year for "Packing Heat" (2004)

Nominated for Romantic Times' Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Fantasy (2003).

Winner of the 2001 Madcap Award for Romantic Comedy for "Just a Little Fling"

Waldenbooks Bestseller for "Just a Little Fling" (2000)

Nominated for Romantic Times' Best Duets of the Year for "Calling Mr. Right" (2000)

Nominated as one of Affaire de Coeur's Top Ten Favorite Authors (1995)

Waldenbooks Bestseller for "Fantasy Wife." (1995)

Finalist for Romance Writers of America's Rita Award for "Black Jack Brogan" (1994)


Scandal is a remarkable and sensual novel. It's beautifully written and if this is a prime example of Ms. Kistler's work I will be looking for her other books. Thank you for a delightful read!
-- Terri Pray for AC Arts & Entertainment

[A] light, bouncy, fun little read that kept me entertained and left me with a smile on my face. [T]his is one I can recommend.
-- Leigh Thomas for All About Romance

It's In His Kiss

"Hot damn! Ms. Kistler has a unique talent for delivering humor and passion with the stroke of a pen."
--Sloane Taylor Reviews

"IT'S IN HIS KISS is delicious and steamy... You'll be delighted with the twists and turns in this wickedly entertaining romance!"
--Jamie Crawley, Round-Table Reviews

"Compromised by a scoundrel, Rose Elizabeth Tate seeks employment in a brothel—and perishes in an accident, with the madam and other girls. Over a century later, they're all trying to move on to the next plane by atoning for their misdeeds. Rose is assigned to spice up lawyer Ned Mulgrew's relationship, but sabotages his wedding instead—because she wants him! This doesn't go over well with her boss, or with Ned, who can't believe the truth. What's a ghost to do? Fresh and funny, Julie Kistler's It's in His Kiss will keep readers guessing till the end."
--Catherine Witmer, Romantic Times

Packing Heat

"Wildly sexy and laugh-out loud funny. (4 1/2 stars) PACKING HEAT finishes the Calhoun trilogy in a very satisfying manner."
--Catherine Witmer, Romantic Times

Cut To The Chase

"Abra and Sean are a very combustible combination...In the second book of the “True Blue Calhoun” trilogy, Julie Kistler weaves a magical tale that will make you chuckle, sigh and believe in happily ever after. "
--Missy Andrews, Romance Junkies

Hot Prospect

"Love it, love it, love it! Spicy, quirky and damn good fun."
--Sloane Taylor Reviews

"...An awesome story. The sparks ignite from the minute [Jake and Zoe] see each other and only burn brighter as the book progresses."
--Missy Andrews, Romance Junkies

More Naughty Than Nice

"Julie Kistler's latest, MORE NAUGHTY THAN NICE (4 stars), is funny, sexy and heartwarming...a truly great Christmas romance."
--Catherine Witmer, Romantic Times

"Julie Kistler does a tremendous job of combining remarkable characters and enthralling storylines to create a seductive romance book that readers will not be able to forget, even long after they put it down. Julie Kistler's book is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit and leave you wishing for something a little more naughty than nice in your stocking for Christmas. More Naughty than Nice is more than just a delightful read for the holiday season—it is simply decadent!"
--Diana Tidlund, Writers Unlimited

"MORE NAUGHTY THAN NICE is a fun holiday romance starring two delightful lead protagonists whose real desires are hidden by outer masks that enable each one of them to masquerade as bed hoppers when they want only each other. The story line never takes itself seriously so that the audience receives an amusing battle of the sexes stuffing stocker."
--Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

"Julie Kistler holds the patent on romantic comedy. Follow your bliss to a sassy, sizzling read!"
--Bestselling, award-winning author Vicki Lewis Thompson

Just a Little Fling

"Backing humor with a substantial plot, Kistler creates a memorable romance that will keep both giggles and heat on high. These unlikely characters and dramas are simply fun! ...If you enjoy genre romance and a good laugh, don't miss JUST A LITTLE FLING-it's a keeper. Very highly recommended."
--Cindy Penn for Word Weaving

"[Just a little Fling] is a hilarious romp and a great read. ... The laughs are a mile a minute, and the sensuality goes off the Richter scale. Ms. Kistler has written a real feel-good book that is pure enjoyment."
--Heart Rate Reviews

"Readers...will call Julie Kistler Ms Right for their literature."
--Harriet Klausner for BookBrowser Reviews

"Julie Kistler’s latest smolders with fiery, volatile tension, dynamic characters and passionate scenes."
--Shannon Short for Romantic Times

Stand-In Bride and The Sister Switch

"Wacky and wonderful... When it comes to escape fiction, the kind you simply want to entertain you, Julie Kistler is the best of the best."
--Best-selling, award-winning author Georgia Bockoven

"Reader favorite Julie Kistler... offers an entertaining twist on the traditional "good twin/bad twin" device... In book two of Julie Kistler's Double Duets, she tells the other side of the story... THE SISTER SWITCH is fast-paced, funny, and diverting."
--Catherine Witmer for Romantic Times

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